Kickstarter Project: Pocket Universes Infinity Cube

Pocket Universes is a project created by local artist Kat Moenk and Industrial Engineer Steven Sutton that combines the science behind infinity portals with sculpture and modeling to create beautiful miniature worlds.

Moenk and Sutton have taken the technology of infinite portals and expanded on it by giving it a cube shape, thereby creating something that is bigger on the inside.


The cubes use LED animations as well as modeling to create the scenes inside.  They’re offered as kits so that the purchaser can create the mini-world they want.



They vary in size and content depending on the backer level chosen and your level of skill, you can do some deep-level tailoring — even the circuitry and programming to create a variety of lighting.

Pocket Universes is currently seeking $20,000 to fund the project on Kickstarter, and has reached $8,489 of the goal.


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