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Celebrating nerd, geek and gamer culture in the  Atlanta area.

Atlanta, Georgia is a nexus of nerd culture in the Southern U.S., playing host to everything from video game companies and film production to some of the best artists, craftsmen and cosplayers in the world. It also plays host to a wide variety of geek-oriented events such as zombie runs and eSports tournaments; and conventions like Dragon*Con, Momo Con and Anime Weekend Atlanta.

The Atlanta Nerd News Network is here to celebrate the diverse geek/nerd culture of the Atlanta area, as well as provide news and information on local artists, activities and events.

This site is designed to help keep you informed and entertained, without any of the surplus noise you’ll find on the internet. Rather than giving you a quiz on which incarnation of the Doctor you are, you’ll find out where the next Time Lord party is at.  In place of top-ten lists about the Walking Dead, you’ll find news about filming and casting. And instead of finding yet another “sexiest cosplay of…” post, ANNN be offering profiles and interviews with local cosplayers, photographers and artists.


About The Author: QuintLyn Bowers (known by many as “Q” or “Miscreation”)

I inherited my love of all things nerdy from my father, who introduced me to science fiction at a very young age.  Growing up on tech-centric shows such  Star Trek, the original Battle Star Galactica and more, it didn’t take much for me to develop an interest in gaming.

I was first introduced to video games via an old Star Wars arcade machine and has been in love ever since.  For over three decades, I’ve been a self-proclaimed gamer and lover of all things geeky — including movies, television, comic books, novels, art, music and more.

I have also lived in the South for a large portion of my life. Originally born in Birmingham, Alabama; I lived in the South West for a while until moving to Southern Mississippi with my mother and sister in the early 90s. Since then, I’ve only stepped out of the South once but returned not long after and eventually finished a degree in Art History at the University of Mississippi. Afterwards, I moved to Atlanta and began working as a community manager and writer for Gamebreaker TV.

The ANNN is a labor of love. I feel that Atlanta is a truly unique city, full of all the best kinds of people who are extremely talented, kind, and a hell of a lot of fun to get to know.

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